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Just For Fun
The spam dump. Spam away, my pretties!
79 14 1,288
09:32 AM
Writers and Writing
Group containing discussions about the roleplay 'Civilization Zero' ONLY, which has now finished, but can be read here: DO NOT post here - this game is finished and is no longer being played or looking for new members. If you have an idea for a roleplay post in the Co-Op section of the site and ask a member of staff before creating a group. Other authorised roleplays will have their own groups. [Edited by Lykaios: March 2011] __________________________________ I think the name is pretty simple to figure out. This group was made in support of Shadow's wish for more RPing on the site, let us hope that we can give a dying boy his last wish, for as well all know a random act of kindness is the loosely tied moral of the crappy Bruce Almighty sequel. Let us all believe in Jack Sparrow and have as much fun with RPG's as possible! And please, don't be random.
51 4 601
10:45 PM
Writers and Writing
If you love to read or write fantasy, join up!
222 20 546
11:42 AM
Writers and Writing
Do you ever have an opinion about something that bothers you and you wish you could share it somehow? Well this social group, you can ask and share opinions about certain words and/or phrases, and what those words describe.
8 6 436
03:13 AM
Writers and Writing
Discussion on basics of writing and guidelines on writing. Discussion on writers; well known and popular authors and their books.
23 8 328
Hobbies and Interests
There was a thread made for the musicians here. So I was thinking, why not make a group? Here all singers, drummers, pianists, guitarists, cellists , etc. can talk about their music and music in general.
117 10 302
12:12 AM
Just For Fun
lulz, Twilight. TEAM TRUE BLOOD!
126 8 289
Just For Fun
For the young ones, ranging from probably 10-14. They should probably also be the ones that support cake, cats, swords and wonder if it is possible for someone to vomit on their head. YOUNGSTERS UNITE!
21 10 268
Hobbies and Interests
For all you Christians out there, this is the place for you. Well discuss views and such here, put up prayer request, and many other things.
86 24 266
10:36 PM
Writers and Writing
This is a group where you can pick your favorite book and add to it. Any story, any book, anything, Just add to it. This will help inhance better writing skills. Also discuss anything and everything about books!
17 4 254
12:34 PM
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