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Originally Posted by Lykaios View Post
Shaun hasn't logged in since January, don't worry about him. I'm not too worried about fanfiction and the other staff don't seem bothered either, so as long as it's clearly stated as fanfiction, go post what you want.
I think fair use applies in the case of fan-fiction anyway. You're not directly replicating any work from the canons, you're just using the names and features to create your own stories. The way you tend to get around this is "Based on [television show/film] written by [x] and produced/directed by [x]".

Most places are going to sue you for using their stuff. There's various other large sites devoted to fanfiction that I know don't have copyright licences.

On a personal level I've never been a great fan of the stuff and would usually opt to crit something else I don't need prior understanding to fully understand.

Shame to see Shaun go.
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