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"Come on hurry up!"
"I'm coming you spazz! It's dark, you can't expect me to keep up with you! You're a total hick! You're used to this!"
Jackie laughed, pausing to wait for the boy. "Come on track star, don't tell me you've never gone on a night run before."
"On a track? Yes. A street? All the time," Nate panted, his hands on his knees. "Through a pine forest? Not on your life."
"Well catch your breath quick," she slapped his back bracingly. "We've got to get to the clearing in time." And she took off again, leaping over holes in the dirt and old logs and stumps with apparent ease.
"What for?" he called after her, stumbling along reluctantly behind her. Never before had he felt so slow. "Where are we going anyway?"
"You'll see!"
Nate groaned, trying to ignore the fact that branches and twigs were tearing at his skin and clothes and his face was covered in tiny scratches.
Jackie finally burst into a clearing ahead of him.
"Well this is great," he snorted sarcastically.
"Shut up," she rolled her eyes, only slightly out of breath. "Just have a seat and wait a second." She sat on a flat rock, leaning back and bracing her hands on the cold stone. "See, it's already starting."
Nate looked up and his jaw dropped open. A green curtain hung in the sky, shifting in color and shape. Looking back down at Jackie, he saw the colors reflected on her smiling face and sparkling on the silver dog tags around her neck. She looked like a different species, like an elf or fairy or something.
"Bet you got nothin like this down in Missoura," she accented the end of the state exageratedly, breaking the image in his head of a graceful woodland creature. Her eyes didn't once leave the skies.
"No. Nothing like it at all." He agreed, his eyes still on her.
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