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Haha, I think I might have gotten carried away but I wrote it in a sort of short story/observation/satirical type of passage... thing... I think a poem would fit this... sorry it's so long and boring.

The castle was in the washer-woman's peripheral; a large, unyielding reminder of her oppression. She was almost invisible, as usual. She took her time, slowly scrubbing away the sins that the rich had stained their clothes with. Oftentimes she felt much like the water with which she washed the clothes. Murky and brown in its colour from a distance, but, upon closer inspection, crystal clear. Though she was dirty and draped in rags, she felt her manners far superior to those of the inhabitants of the all-seeing towers and turrets. She at least cared for others. They, so far removed from the world, would oftentimes simply ignore their beautiful surroundings in preference for the sordid company of one another in which their neighbour's actions were broken down through the social grapevine over the afternoon's tea. The beautiful forest which seemed to contain a spectrum of its own made entirely of green hugged them, enticed them, begged them to come out and play among the trunks, caress the ground with light, careless footsteps, and admire the the vast array of colours which were each unique and worth the notice.

They had the time to do all this whilst she, the washerwoman, did not. But instead they stayed inside and created complex nothings that simply served the purpose of passing the time. And they consumed comfortably, knowing the efforts that created the product yet still wasting, almost in malicious spite. The washerwoman spat as she thought: The barbarians.

In her mind, she was certain. Future generations would surpass these ancestors and grow out of this barbarism to something much greater... but then again, a simple washerwoman would not understand the workings of society...

Next picture (a little creepy...):

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