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I lean towards standing against outsourcing. I don't think it's a bad thing for some jobs to be outsourced, but I find it disgusting that businesses who are established in the U.S. refuse to hire American workers when it's so hard for some of them to find jobs, particularly young people. On the other hand, is it really fair to allow the citizens of other countries to go without jobs? I guess I, as an American, feel that American companies should have a certain degree of loyalty to the country they come from. Also, companies aren't necessarily always looking for more skilled labor over seas. They're also looking for cheaper labor. The cheaper the labor, the less money they spend on employment, the more money they have for themselves and their business.

Back to the point about young people--the American workforce will be lacking experienced, young workers if their jobs keep getting shipped overseas. You become competent in your field by having experience in it and practicing.

Basically, my thoughts are: Outsourcing may be lovely if you're a wealthy businessman, but if you're an American worker, it sucks.

Edit: I don't know if you're an American, but I may have wrongly assumed so just because this is a topical issue in America right now. If you're not America, sorry for phrasing my response in such American-centric terms.
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