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Pretty much agreeing with Lizzie, and would just like to add: the only time I've ever truly felt pressured to believe in a certain system or belief was by atheists. I've been yelled at, lectured to, and patronized by atheists. I'm not even Christian. Or religious. Religion is literally one of the last things on my mind any time. When I tell atheists that, I usually get the "oh, so you're agnostic" bit, and that's really frustrating because no, I'm not agnostic, I'm nothing. To which I get "Oh, see, you're really an atheist after all." I cannot stress enough to these people: I don't identify with anything. Leave me alone.

Like Lizzie said, this is a generalization, and one I don't apply to all/most atheists. But The question "Should Christianity be forced onto others" really should just be "should any belief system be forced onto others?"
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