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I've finally got some free time and I'll be able to do some critiques. So, if you'd like a critique, you can feel free to ask me for them on this thread. I'll also keep a list of the critiques that I need to do here.

NOTE: I do not do critiques for poems or lyrics. I do critiques for short stories, novel chapters and sometimes, experimental as well.

To critique:
1. Valentine Week Phobia - pranjal
2. Confinement (Chapter 4) - MonaLon
3. A Ride To Win - Pony123
4. Rocks, rookies and Venus - Chrissy Noelle
5. Untitled - ThatPsycho
6. Celestial War Chapter 1 - Libra
7. Abadhura - Psychosis - Geradain
8. Aunt Shannon - Dabs
HOPE (main WIP) (10369 words)

Request a critique via VM/PM and I'll get to it as soon as possible.
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