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We critique writing all the time, but how often do we get real feedback about our critiques?

If you want to get involved, between now and July 4th, reply here or PM me with a link to one of your critiques. I will give you detailed feedback on improving your critiques.

There will be two winners! The best critique by a new member (6 months or less) and the best critique submitted by our older members (more than six months) will each receive FIVE thank points! Also, their name will be listed here as the winners.

Runners up will each receive one thank point. Any critiques that are revised based on the feedback will also earn thank points!

It's only two weeks until July 4th!
  • You can submit an old critique, or do a new one for the contest.
  • Only one critique may be submitted for the contest, but you can change which critique you'd like judged at any point until the deadline.
  • Every critique entered will get personal feedback.

Critiques will be judged on:
  • Clarity (Does your critique make sense?)
  • Specific (Does your critique show the author exactly which section needs help?)
  • Depth (Does your critique go beyond spelling/grammar?)
  • Explanation (Does your critique say why you think something?)
  • Helpfulness (Overall, will your critique help the writer improve their craft?)

Go out there and critique! I want to see your best work!
Definitely let me know if you'd like a critique--- I'd love to.
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