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I agree with Infinity and Dabs, I wouldn't worry about the readability score of what you're writing. Write how you're comfortable writing, and if you look at everything in the end and it's way off, you can revise/edit then.

I am curious about how you checked the readability score? I don't think I've ever even heard of people searching their own book like that.

It actually doesn't surprise me that Twilight would be rated a 4.4. In the American system, 4.4 would be the expected reading level for a 4th grader in the 4th month of school. That doesn't mean that the book is supposed to be read by fourth graders, and I would question it if I saw a fourth grader reading it. That just means that they would be capable of reading the words.

There's different kinds of rating scales, too. If you look up the AR (Accelerated Reader) level, it's 4.9 for Twilight, which sounds about accurate with my reading of it. The audience is obviously older than 4th grade, but it's an easy read. Reading Counts! says 4.4, but I don't ever listen to their ratings much haha. I really like the Fountas and Pinnell system. Not every book is rated on there, and it's not like you could auto-rate your own book, but for the most part it's offered me a good judgement about how difficult books are in the past. It only goes up to about 5th grade, though. If you're writing for YA, you're probably past the end of the usefulness of a readability scale anyway.

So yeah, way more than you need to know for something you shouldn't worry about. But good that you're questioning whether your story is suited for your audience!
Definitely let me know if you'd like a critique--- I'd love to.
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