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Hello Infinity_Man

You're welcome. Thank you for taking the time to ask these questions.

We advertise our writers’ names and books directly to targeted audiences, mostly depending on the book genre. Keep in mind that our profit is directly proportional to our writer’s success. Therefore, it is in our every interest to promote their book. Also, because it will be free to download, more readers would be encouraged to read the book and share it with others. We cannot say the same when a relatively unknown writer is trying to sell, it becomes that much more difficult to convince a reader to give their book a try. So, we give the contracted writer a middle ground solution; the benefits of giving their book for free as mentioned above, plus a payment from Freeditorial before the book is even published. Duration of our ownership of the digital publishing right, and the lump sum to be paid out in return, are discussed individually with each writer.

It costs most traditional publishers a considerable amount of money to get a book out, between print, distribution and other logistics. This is why they only invest in famous, well established authors. These authors do not need much marketing and branding. They have a base of followers awaiting their book, and the publisher is not taking any risk whatsoever on them.
On the other hand, we kept such costs to a minimum, which is why we can afford to promote and buy from more new writers and take risks where we see potential.

No, our Recommended Books do not contain only writers who have been published via a contract. If we like a self-published book, we may add it to the list of Recommended Books along with contracted, paid authors.

Because we are a Publishing House, not a online retail website with a publishing platform, we do not have an agenda, and we are not using books as a technique to push sales for an electronic book reader. Therefore our books are optimized to be in the proper format no matter which gadget the reader is using. I advise any serious writer to purchase or borrow several types of e-readers, and test each publisher and online bookstore to see how a book would look on each e-reader. They may be in for a surprise. In other words, we have the reader’s best interest in mind first. And where you can attract and retain readers, you attract attention to the new writers.

I hope this answers your questions.
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