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I feel that John Green is an author you have to read when you're in that pre-college/uni bubble somewhere between 14 and 17 to really appreciate him. His characters are too adult, and that's appealing for pre-adults with dreams of being so much deeper and in touch with lifeandstuff than everyone else they know.

The first book of his I read (at 17) was Paper Towns, and then I went on to read Looking for Alaska and, when it came out, The Fault in Our Stars. The latter was definitely the best, as I could at least understand why the MC liked Gus so much and didn't need to raise my eyebrows at more person-you-just-met-and-is-mostly-a-dick-instalove, but it was pretty much the same vague story as his other books, only we had a manic-pixie-dream-guy this time instead.

His books are predictably moving, sure, and I liked them when I read them because yep, I was one of those wanting-to-be-deep teenage girls, but I liked other books in the genre a lot more (such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower), and some of those books are still important to me. John Green has a distinctly designed-to-be-quoted-ness I really dislike now. I can't imagine diving into any of his books for the first time now, age 23, and really getting anything out of them but a light read between better books.
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