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Interestingly, this person is a published author (self-published, but still)
It might be elitist of me that this makes me disregard their credentials. Not that their book maybe isn't great, but the reason people often point to reading published books is that the "gatekeepers" (as publishers are often seen as) backing their book implies a certain level of skill (though it doesn't guarantee it, just as being self-published in no ways guarantees a bad book).

I see your point, and at its most basic-- just he said, she said-- I would agree about the repetition, but what if it were interspersed better with description?
I would agree that interspersing it would help, as varying your writing style often does. It is, also, a common piece of advice nowadays to try and avoid dialogue tags altogether and just establish who's speaking through blocking (though whether this is a good thing or not is a different discussion). But then I would point towards my point of dialogue tags being invisible, and how if you intersperse all of that with description then you're still just calling attention to the dialogue tag, so you'd have to be careful how you wrote that description.
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