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Old 06-25-2018, 12:11 PM View Post #1 (Link) Star Wars, Transformers, Halo, + Other Fanfic
Gyasi Myles (Offline)
Novice Writer
Join Date: Feb 2018
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Aboard outer space mothership ride one Brute, this Prophet, a Hunter, an Arbiter, and a dozen winged large insect ETs called Drones who are the last sixteen Covenant members. Their mothership ray guns through Pillar of Autumn windshield which offs its human pilot. Captain Keys, his male Portuguese Water Dog in orange canine spartan armor suit that's helmeted, one crewman, a lady marine, green armored Master Chief super-soldier Spartan 117 John, plus curvaceous AI hologram woman Cortana eject in pods, crash land on ring-shaped Halo planet as the last six members of humanity's armed forces.

In loincloths the planet's hefty brawny 7 ft tall prehuman Neanderthals, cavemen, and curvy cavewomen campfire roast veggies with either dinosaur or mammoth leg meat on spears for them to eat Shish kabob style, show them the way to a river that they drink from before they fill jugs with its water.

Master Chief trains tomboyish cavewoman who gets bullied by cavemen, she knows the history of spartan super-soldiers and wants to become one. She proves she's physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically stronger than all cavemen. He also trains that lady marine who wants to become a spartan as well.

John leads army of the prehumans inside Forerunner structure, watches them put on Forerunner armor, jetpacks, arm themselves with Forerunner blasters, laser guns, ray guns, plus Warden Eternal energy blade staffs. Cortana turns countless powered off Forerunner mini aircraft machines back on that fly around by themselves, hover, have laser cannons mounted on them. Everybody finds then gives that lady marine and Captain Keys backup who both spray assault rifles gunning down The Flood parasites.

Later the prehumans face an ambush as they energy blade staff slash at unclothed primitive ET Grunts, Jackals, plus Elites who all carry plasma shields, crouch well hidden under jungle underbrush while they energy sword slice off some of the prehumans' legs then go for the kill. Cuss words from that crewman who fearfully shudders in tears, draws Magnum pistol, gives one Jackal headshots, yowls in horror, runs away, cowers hidden behind tree trunk, gets found then beheaded by an Elite.

That Portuguese Water Dog doggy paddle swims within this lagoon, uses his mouth to drag drowning wounded prehumans out of water. His pointer arm curl, barking, and snarls make twin submachine-guns stick from up out of his canine spartan armor's shoulder blades before both bullet spray Elites, Jackals, Grunts.

The remaining prehumans are outnumbered, chased into this canyon full of boulders, follow Master Chief up the tallest broadest boulder, stand atop it beside him, fire blasts, laser beams, and rays down at the energy sword wielding, plasma shield raising butt-naked ETs who surround the boulder ahead of when Spartan 117 tosses hand grenades down at many, shoots twin Magnum pistols down at others, runs outta ammo, roundhouse kicks, pistol-whips, and disarm stabs several climbers down to the ground.

Army of primitive Elites, Jackals, plus Grunts shelter within abandoned Forerunner structure, those last few Covenant mothership land nearby, equip them with armor, ET plasma guns, plasma grenades, Ghost hover cycles, Banshee aircraft, and Phantom tanks to ride in while they war against Spartan 117 who drives Warthog jeep from out of pod alongside Cortana who fires its laptop activated rotary cannon, that lady marine who's now a spartan super-soldier in lilac colored armor suit smothered with purple camo patterned blotches as she drives army tank from out of pod, plus Captain Keys who flies spacecraft fighter jet from out of pod.

Those dozen buzzing Drones fly in bypassing clouds, Master Chief gives a whistle signal, that Forerunner armored prehuman army jetpacks from outta those same clouds, tote machine-guns, rocket launchers, shotguns, scoped sniper rifles, Gatling guns, shoot the Drones from behind who drop like flies. Those mini Forerunner aircraft join in laser cannoning the plasma rifle aiming Drones who blast back at 'em. On the ground a herd of bellowing six-legged alien beasts walk past the battlefield, Jackals plus Elites hang hidden under their bellies and behind their moving legs, dive-roll out to blindside flank attack armed Forerunner armored prehuman foot soldiers.

That tomboy cavewoman's now a red armor suited spartan super-soldier, in frustration Elites wail, speak in alien tongues before they're slain by her. She slams that grenade thingy that emits force field around her, plasma blasts ricochet off it. Grunts scream in fear, run away from the growling Portuguese Water Dog spartan whose two armor mounted uzis get fired at them before they cower hidden behind boulders.

Cortana wakes up Cyclops exoskeleton machines that march out of pods, survive bombing by suicide Grunts, spray rotary cannons when they scrap with the blaster firing Hunter, that plasma grenade hurling Arbiter who uses his battle suit to go invisible, the Brute who wields energy war hammer, plus that Prophet who floats around in hover-chair which fires laser beams.

Army of The Flood parasites intervene the battle, turn almost everyone into one of them, kill all of the others then infest/take over the Halo planet, nearly pilot spacecraft to go infest other planets, leave Cortana no choice but to commence Halo's planetary bomb countdown by hacking supercomputer inside Forerunner structure. A zoom out overhead view of the entire Halo planet when it explodes into pieces that float and hover scattered in outer space, where far away at a distance in the background there's one supernova, an asteroid surrounded sun, plus this quasar.

The End
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Old 07-02-2018, 09:55 PM View Post #2 (Link) This post is a reply - don't critique it
Gyasi Myles (Offline)
Novice Writer
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 16
Points: 7.58
Times Thanked: 1
No dialogue makes these long-winded and ridiculous haha
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