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Old 10-26-2015, 07:54 PM View Post #1 (Link) This is the New Chatoom!
Lizzie (Offline)
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This is the link to the chat, but please make sure you read the whole thread before joining!


If the website redirects you, the channel you'll want to join is called #ywochatroom

We are working on getting it integrated into to the site so it won't be an external link, but for now, this is the link you will use.


Welcome to the new YWO chatroom! We believe that a chatroom on YWO is a great community builder, and will help everyone get to know each other better, be encouraged to start discussions, host word wars, and make friends. We moderators have been putting in some time and effort to ensure that it is as safe for you as we can manage. Because we want the chatroom to be as safe as possible, there are some rules you must follow. A lot of these transfer from YWO itself, and if I haven’t mentioned anything and you’re unsure, please PM a moderator in the chatroom or on YWO before you post whatever you’re querying about.


Please be aware: this chatroom is PG13 — to older members coming back, you’re welcome, however this is for building on the community here, which is for young writers. Please do not make them feel alienated, we were all there once.

1. No spamming — this involves writing entirely in caps for a large block of text (every now and then for a few words is fine), filling the chat window with unrelated nonsense.

2. Posting inappropriate content, both publicly or in PM — this involves pornography, gore, disturbing topics, R-rated/18+ content, graphic violence etc. If you post ANYTHING like this in the public chat, or without the explicit permission of the person you are PMing, you will be banned from the chatroom.

3. Bullying — there won’t be any toleration for bullying someone else in the chatroom, and this involves anything that might make them upset with your intention to upset them. This involves using swearing as an attack to another member, making rude comments, etc.

4. Sharing personal information, publicly or in PM — this includes Facebook profiles, mobile phone numbers, addresses, etc, but does not include birthdays, general area of your country, what your pet fish is called, etc. This is for YOUR safety. We doubt anyone would use your information with malicious intent, but the chances go down to none if there isn’t any information to use. If you don’t know what does and doesn’t count as personal information, please feel free to PM any of the mods for clarification.

If you see ANY of this happening, or anything you are uncomfortable with at all, please PM the moderator that is in chat, or PM us on YWO.

How to use mibbit:

Some of you may have not used the mibbit platform before when using a chatroom. Because a lot of you are unfamiliar with mibbit, here are a few things to get you started, so you can comfortably and easily use the chat.

Firstly, if you see someone with a house icon, they are currently the owner of the chatroom, but you don’t need to worry about that much— it will be just one of the moderators, nobody you don’t know. Most likely, it will be either me or Lykaios.

If you see someone with a star next to their name, they are a moderator.

/nick newnickname — Type this into the chat box and then hit enter. This command changes the nickname if it’s different from what you entered the chat with. This helps people identify who you are. If it says that your nickname is already taken, or it asks you to choose a new one, just add an extra letter, or ‘YWO’ or something similar. For example, I might change my name from ‘Lizzie’ to ‘Lizziee’ or ‘LizzieYWO’.

To PM: You can either command /pm username or click on their username on the right and hit ‘PM’. This will show up in your tabs area above the chat. It is recommended you use this ONLY to communicate with moderators.

On the bottom, there are different tabs such as colours and pastebin. They are relatively simple, but if you want to post something very long, please click on ‘pastebin’ and write, or paste it into there. Once you hit ‘paste’ the link will appear in your chat box. There’s nothing else you need to do other than hit enter.

And that’s it! If you have any queries about how to use the chatroom, mibbit, commands, or anything you are unsure of, please feel free to PM me on the forum or in chat if I am there.
this is my tumblr

Critiques upon request.

Twins with Lykaios.
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