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Old 04-08-2011, 09:00 PM View Post #1 (Link) Marketplace/Publishing Resources: Guidelines and Rules
Shaun (Offline)
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Some quick notes regarding this section:
--Please read the full guidelines at the websites for the markets we list. They will have rules and so on that you need to know before you consider submitting. Read these carefully. If something sounds fishy to you, it probably is.
--Please send markets you'd like added to the marketplace via PM to me (Shaun).
--No markets will be posted here that we believe are scams. We will not post places that require you to pay to enter, etc.

More guides will go up to help you ferret out scams, etc. For now, this is what we've got.

Rules for this section:
  • This section is designed as any Q & A would be designed. You ask a question and hopefully someone else, or a group of someone else’s comes in and attempts to answer it. Pretty simple.
  • Questions should be serious in nature. The occasional silly question is allowed, but the point of the section is to get answers for serious inquiries about something related to writing.
  • Do not spam here. Making fun, or doing anything but answering the questions doesn’t help the person who wrote it in the first place.
  • The same general rules apply here as anywhere else.
  • Don’t double-post. Be considerate and label your posts appropriately. Avoid bumping your posts here.

These rules are subject to change at any time. Please be aware that actions in Writing Q & A may influence how things adjust.
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