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Old 10-25-2012, 06:52 AM View Post #31 (Link)
Baired (Offline)
Novice Writer
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Hi Andy,
Great threat and lovely start. Nature always fascinates me and have few eye catching pictures in my laptop hard disc. Hope you like this.
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Old 02-23-2014, 02:14 PM View Post #32 (Link)
Zombified (Offline)
Freelance Writer
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Here's the last picture for reference. Mostly for me to look at...

"You're gonna get pulled over!" Kathy scolded.
"By who? There's nobody out here."
"Damnit, Jim! Can't you just for once drive like a normal human being?"
Jim slammed on the brakes and Kathy's head bounced off the passenger side dashboard like a rubber ball on concrete.
"What the fuck, Jim!" she spurted as a tooth left her bleeding mouth.
Jim stared at the helicopter and the scowling face in the cockpit. He blinked and scratched his head while his mouth hung agape at the peculiar sight.
"Is that a helicopter?" he finally asked.
Kathy spit out another tooth, making a small tack sound as it struck the windshield and left a tiny bloody imprint on the clean glass.
The rotors of the helicopter whirred heavily and the quick, rolling sound quickly filled the small car like a million grains of sand.
"Jesus!" Kathy garbled. "Is that a helicopter?"
Jim turned to her and widened his eyes at her ruined lips and bleeding wound.
The helicopter's noise rose to a crescendo. Higher and higher above the trees, the helicopter rose.
Quickly, gracefully.
The pilot's finger tightened on the missile lock trigger.
"What happened to your face?" Jim asked, reaching out to his injured lover.
But he never got his answer.


Next picture!
"Behind every beautiful thing, there is some kind of pain."
-Bob Dylan

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Old 02-23-2014, 10:46 PM View Post #33 (Link)
Rachael (Offline)
Literary Artist
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"Do I know you?"
Samatha was suddenly disturbed from her lounge by a really deep heavy voice.
She opened her eyes to find quite the sight.
A man who seemed to weigh over two hundred pounds was bending over her, with his hand over his eyes for a shade, and a dirty cigeratte was hanging from his mouth lazily.
"Um...., no I don't know." Was Samatha's nervous reply, and she got up from her comfortable lounge and walked over to a table.
"Lemonade?" She asked pertly.
"No thanks. But I seriously think I know you from somewhere. Whats your name?" He followed her everywhere she was walking.
"Um, well firstly. How did you get back into my private pool area? I believe I told the maid no visitors today." She crossed her long legs and sat upright back in the chair.
"Well, I sort of climbed the fence, and I needed to get away from my wife because she was coming at me with a knife."
"What! Well, I certianly don't want you in my backyard!" She glared at him.
"Why do you have to talk so fricken loud! I don't need David hearing me!." He glanced around and then sat down on the nearest chair.
"Look here, I think I know who you are. Are you the one who swum in the Olympics?" He leaned forward making the fat on his body crunch together."
"I don't have any right to tell you who I am and your some creep is what you are. David!!" She sang his name cheerfully like a bird, but the guy was in dread now.
He knew Davids abilitys, and didn't wish to be part of his collections.
In his frantic thinking, he then remembered something. David couldn't do anything to him if he was in the water!
He got up from the chair suddenly and climbed the moving steps to the diving board, and prepared to jump, when......
Suddenly he was just a statue in mid-air, then he fell into the water with a big plop.

Next Picture
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Poetess Hannah Hebditch!!

Stumbling and falling is better than crawling ~ Rachael
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