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Old 08-10-2017, 02:08 PM View Post #1 (Link) Name, meet Description
miss_smiley (Offline)
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'S'up, writerinos & -rinas! Today, the all-merciful Smiley brings you a brand new game* called "Name, meet Description"! (Huzzah! Hoorah! Praise & glory be!)

It works like this - you describe a character (in a short paragraph) named by the previous poster and end by leaving a name for the next poster. Nice & simple, and it doubles as a writing exercise. Hooray!

"But Smiley, you magnificent, majestic unicorn of a human being," I hear you say. "What an utterly useless description! Why would you do such a thing? Why do you make us suffer so?! We insist that you give us an example!"

Well, if you insist.

Let's say the previous poster has put down "Tyrenian Alexander Theomopedes III" as a name. My post will look like this:

Tyrenian Alexander Theomopedes III looked out upon his vast kingdom.
In the distance, the trees swayed, moved, he imagined, by the sheer beauty of his face.
He sighed. He could hardly blame them, poor fools. He was, after all, magnificent, from the top of his mousy mop of hair to the graceful corns upon his feet. His gait was perfection itself - a very comely waddle indeed, as his nurse was wont to say. His robes did leave something to be desired - their sanitized green did nothing to set off the majestically ambivalent colour of his skin - but they were, after all, merely of Earth. How could anything born of Earth compare or complement something so clearly composed of Heaven?

He sighed once more, adrift in a reverie of caring consideration for the misfortune of those touched by his life - to be so close to the picture of perfection and yet, unable to attain such beauty! Oh, what cruel joy! What heart-breaking sorrow!

Ah, here came one now, poor sweet girl! She had come, no doubt, to throw herself upon the solace of his unattainable beauty. She would leave, no doubt, to throw herself upon the mercy of death.

"Mr. Theomope--- I mean, your Highness, it's time for your pills."

Sally Eisenstein

^I then leave the next name for the next poster.

Let's get this started! Our first contestant - Mr. Jacobb B. Silverman!

*not really. Credit where it's due - pretty sure I picked this one up on here or on another writing forum back in the day, but I couldn't find it on here & I love this game, so I'm posting it up. Hooray!
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