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Old 09-29-2007, 03:02 PM View Post #1 (Link) Member-Submitted Guides
Andy (Offline)
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Here's a list of helpful guides created by the members of YWO, arranged by category:

How to Critique by Andy

The Benefits of Giving Critiques by Andy

Improving Your Chances of Getting a Critique by Andy

Critiquing Fiction by Mercy

How to Critique Poetry by Amour

How to Critique Poetry Updated by Isis

How to TAKE a critique by Infinity_Man

Writing in General
Roleplaying Guide by Carraka

Writers Block: How to get rid of it by Emsidian

The Great Revision Guide by GoodGracious

7 Essentials to Staying Safe as a Writer by Infinity_Man

6 Ways to Cut your Word Count by Infinity_Man

5 Controversial Pieces of Advice by Infinity_Man

Is your idea worth continuing? by Infinity_Man

8 Ways NOT to Make it as a Writer by Infinity_Man

8 Poor Excuses for Poorer Writing by Infinity_Man
Writing Poetry:
Poetry and Punctuation by Zuzy

Emotional Poetry by Zuzy

Simple "Don'ts" of Poetry by Nyx

Poetic Meters by Phyx

Poetry Guide by ReccyV

How to Write a Haiku by Rose

Imagery by Isis

Prose Poetry by Isis
Writing Stories:
How to Get Ideas by Andy

Beginnings: An Eight-Part Series by Shaun

Characters by Andy

Characterization by Andy

Weaving a Plot by Andy

Point of View by Andy

The Golden Rule (Show, Don't Tell) by Shaun

Infodumps by Shaun

Scotty's Guide to Effective Writing by ScottyMcGee

The Importance of Subplots by Avery_Rayne

Magic and Fantasy: Rules Required by Andy

On Cultures: Stepping out of Fantasy's Comfort Zone by Kiba

First person narration: what NOT to do by Iridescence

Flat and Round Characters by Dabs

Characterization by Rose

Combating Character Stereotypes by GoodGracious

Effective Openings by Infinity_Man

Writing Dialogue: Banter of Off-topic Discussion by Dabs

MonaLon's Dialogue Advice

Grammar & Spelling:
Dialogue Tags by Andy

Commonly Confused Words by Andy

The Massive Review of Grammar, Punctuation and Style by Mercy

British-American English Word and Spelling Differences by Lykaios

Anatomy of the Sentence - The Basics by owl
Guides by Everyone:
Newbie Advice

Character Ideas

Plot Ideas

YWO Edits
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Old 01-26-2014, 02:25 AM View Post #2 (Link)
Isis (Offline)
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Updated 1/25/14. I didn't include short rants or tips, but I did include things that felt like guides to me: topics with a clear purpose or message that included some instructions or steps towards something. Let me know if I have done a gross injustice and left your awesome guide off the list.
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Old 12-13-2017, 05:30 AM View Post #3 (Link)
larence (Offline)
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Member Submitted completing benefits of the business Guides. To download a benefits of the business guide, those sake of the nation over for which those aide will be fancied. Will see that profile of the part giving those guides, that firm name.
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