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Old 06-22-2017, 12:32 AM View Post #1 (Link) This is a writing exercise I did. I may put it in my story.
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Ilana: Sheís been missing since Friday and you're not worried?

Sandra's mom: No, she always comes back.

Ilana: How do you know?

Sandra's mom: Sandra is smart enough.

Ilana: Wouldnít she call you?

Sandra's mom: She could have lost her phone.

Ilana: You should get in contact with her to make sure sheís okay.

Sandra's mom: She went over to a sleepover at Austinís last Friday.

Ilana: Itís been two days.

Sandra's mon: I know.

Ilana: You should call the police.

Sandra's mom: Alright! I know you're concerned.

Ilana: If you donít get in contact iíll get in contact for you.

Sandra's mom: Is she still at Austinís house?

Ilana: If I knew she was there I wouldnít have came.

Sandra's mom: Okay. Itís getting late. My show is about to be on.

Ilana: You care about your show more than your daughter, interesting.

Sandra's mom: Sandra is careful. You should know.

Ilana: Yes, she is smart but sometimes unpredictable things can happen.

Sandra's mom:They can but they're rare. Go home. You should get to bed.

Ilana: How will if you feel if all doesnít turn out well?

Sandra's mom: You should contact her.

Ilana: Alright, I will.

Sandra's mom: Why did you bother me? I knew you were going to end up contacting her yourself.

Ilana: I wanted to let you know since I thought you cared about her as much or even more than I do.

Sandra's mom: Youíre leaving me from my TV show.

Ilana: Okay. I know. This is more important. What will your husband think? Your friends?

Sandra's mom: What if I donít have a husband or friends?

Ilana: Everyone has friends even though they may not have a husband.

Sandra's mom: You are very determined. Go contact them like you said you would.

Ilana; As long as I can tell you what happened afterward. If I canít get in contact you have to get in contact.

Sandra's mom: Iím not promising anything. I know your getting get into contact. Goodbye.

Ilana: Goodbye. If I donít you're going to see me again demanding you get in contact with someone. Go watch your TV. Goodbye.
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