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View Poll Results: Do you have an online blog?
Yes 29 44.62%
I used to 13 20.00%
No 23 35.38%
Voters: 65. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 08-03-2013, 01:58 AM View Post #1 (Link) Poll #87: Do you have an online blog?
Andy (Offline)
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Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: At home
Posts: 2,478
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Times Thanked: 99
Do you have an online blog? (Wordpress, Blogger, etc)

Old 08-03-2013, 02:20 AM View Post #2 (Link)
Carraka (Offline)
Freelance Writer
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Little Montenegro, down on the Adriatic Sea.
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Do you? Because your blog was what brought me to the website that would bring me to YWO. Fond memories I have of it.
Corkscrewed alienation, rocking red. A kill. Joys again.
-- Alex

My mother is a fish.
Old 08-03-2013, 02:21 AM View Post #3 (Link)
Andy (Offline)
Andy's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: At home
Posts: 2,478
Points: 32
Times Thanked: 99
Yes, I used to. Good times.

Old 08-03-2013, 03:14 AM View Post #4 (Link)
Shaun (Offline)
Dead Person
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Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Gainesville, FL
Posts: 5,691
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I have two, in fact.
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Georgy (Offline)
Scholarly Apprentice
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Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Somewhere
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How about to share?
"And the internet has everything on it. It's a blessing and a curse."
"The point of poetic prose, in my opinion, is to illuminate a truth, make us see something that's there, but hidden."
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Old 10-11-2013, 02:01 AM View Post #6 (Link)
binnybugg89 (Offline)
Novice Writer
Join Date: Sep 2013
Posts: 12
Points: 7.49
Times Thanked: 1
I found it hard to maintain..
Old 10-13-2013, 07:25 PM View Post #7 (Link)
tatygirl90 (Offline)
Novice Writer
tatygirl90's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: Louisiana
Posts: 14
Points: 5
Times Thanked: 0
I have one that I update regularly.
Old 03-06-2014, 12:07 PM View Post #8 (Link)
Anastasia (Offline)
Scholarly Apprentice
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: among the stars :P
Posts: 106
Points: 8.87
Times Thanked: 8
I have one, but unfortunately it seems futile to even write in it since it feels and looks like nobody is reading it . Kind of let down really.
Nothing could have made her anything but hideous;yet even a clay of lump is beautiful, when its light shines at dusk
the bed and clothes-stool, the washstand, a writing-table and a chair, a rack of scrolls, and a fine bath of inlaid silver.
Old 03-06-2014, 08:53 PM View Post #9 (Link)
AdrenalinJunkie (Offline)
Scholarly Apprentice
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Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: England
Posts: 107
Points: 30
Times Thanked: 20
We had to do a blog as homework over the summer but the only people that ever commented on my blog were my mum's friends- it got kinda annoying after a while
Old 03-19-2014, 02:49 PM View Post #10 (Link)
Chrissy Noelle (Offline)
Scholarly Apprentice
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Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Arkansas
Posts: 123
Points: 30
Times Thanked: 5
I had one- got tired of writing it cause no one was reading it.

Dance as if no one is watching
Love as if you have never loved before
Sing as if no one can hear you
Live as if Heaven is on the Earth


SO Guinea Pigs ROCK!!!!!
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