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Old 08-29-2016, 09:39 PM View Post #1 (Link) Failure vs Success
phoniexbird (Offline)
Novice Writer
Join Date: Dec 2015
Location: United States
Posts: 22
Points: 15.44
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What makes you love writing the most?
Is it that you can create a whole new world with your imagination? Because thats what writing is all about. Captivating the reader into your imagination and putting them in awe. I used to believe that a good writer stuck to the statistics. But that isn't the case. A good writer comes from failure. Before any good writer succeeds, they fail. When you strive for success, you will encounter hate and failure. Then, you have two choices; you can either give up, or take defeat with pride learning from this experience and allowing this barrier to help fuel success. Choose wisely.
Continue to write and coutinue to dream, because dreams do happen and I personally believe that.

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Old 08-29-2016, 11:32 PM View Post #2 (Link)
GeonamicWarrior (Offline)
Aspiring Author
GeonamicWarrior's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2015
Location: California, USA
Posts: 507
Points: 20
Times Thanked: 16
You posted this and a duplicate. Please make sure you don't double post. Also, I'm a bit confused as to why you posted this in "The Newbie Zone" since this is where new members introduce themselves, and your stats don't look like you're new at all. Wouldn't this be better in "Literary Discussion"?

Anyway, I'd like to add a cheesy quote to compliment what you said. "Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality."
All previous novels put on hold at the moment.

My compilation of all the great guides, Guides' Gate, for those in need of help or review with critiques, grammar, spelling, and other advice.

"These hands of mine glow with an awesome power! Their burning grips tell me to write. Take this! My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow! SHINING FINGERS! Go, go! Go, go! Go, go!" -derived from G Gundam's Shining Finger attack quote.
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Old 08-30-2016, 02:15 AM View Post #3 (Link)
Lykaios (Offline)
Lykaios's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: ὡς ἐν ἄλλῳ κόσμῳ
Posts: 1,375
Points: 30
Times Thanked: 115
Moved to Lit Discussion.
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Old 08-30-2016, 04:01 AM View Post #4 (Link)
Dabs (Offline)
Freelance Writer
Dabs's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Long Island, New York
Posts: 1,885
Points: 30
Times Thanked: 151
I really like getting immersed in something. That's what draws me both to reading and writing. I like living somewhere that isn't the real world for a little bit.
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Old 10-18-2016, 12:10 PM View Post #5 (Link)
Eric Romano (Offline)
Novice Writer
Eric Romano's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2016
Posts: 22
Points: 11.7
Times Thanked: 1
Writing basically makes me feel free to put my imagination on the paper and watch it take the shape of a beautiful story.
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Old 04-19-2017, 06:33 AM View Post #6 (Link) Re: Failure vs Success
MeganJones (Offline)
Novice Writer
Join Date: Apr 2017
Posts: 13
Points: 7
Times Thanked: 0
Failure has become a stepping for each and everyone to finally achieve success in life. It's just a prerequisite of all our achievements from trying.
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Old 11-01-2017, 02:46 PM View Post #7 (Link) freedom of creation
CindyAuthor (Offline)
Literary Newbie
Join Date: Nov 2017
Posts: 4
Points: 5
Times Thanked: 0
I like the freedom of creating and putting on paper a world entirely made by me and my imagination. I hope to always have this mentality moving forward in the future as an author.
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Old 11-27-2017, 10:26 AM View Post #8 (Link)
jackpatt (Offline)
Literary Newbie
jackpatt's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2017
Posts: 4
Points: 5
Times Thanked: 0
I like stories about tricky marketing, and writing helps me to improve my creativity.
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