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Old 02-07-2018, 08:44 PM View Post #1 (Link) Battle for Japan: Serpents & Whales through the Gateway
Gyasi Myles (Offline)
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(pt 1 Serpents & Whales through the Gateway, pt 2 An Empress's Scroll, pt 3 Peach Trees of Immortality, pt 4 Ryujin's Tide Jewels, pt 5 The Red-headed Girl's Coffer, pt 6 Mutants vs. Shinto Deities)

Battle for Nihon
Ryujin's Tide Jewels

Washing tidal wave noise. A dragon's bellow.



Crickets chirp as Yoru sweats, tosses, and turns in futon. She has nightmare of her as a toddler plummeting from Mars. One baku uses its trunk to visibly slurp the nightmare out of her head before it eats it.

Yoru wakes up, thanks then pets the baku, gazes out of a window and at the sea, catches glimpse of this bake-kujira (orca’s skeleton that’s inside of an orca’s transparent ghost, which resembles King Mizu.) It whispers something in Japanese, disappears.



An EMPEROR cowers in a corner. CAPTAIN DOLPHIN MIST (Taichou Iruka Misuto), the conical-hatted kimono wearing wokou (Japanese pirate) captain with an eyepatch, spiked kanabo club attached to where his missing lower left leg would be, plus one kusarigama chained sickle attached to his right wrist, where his amputated hand was, limps inside the palace.


S-so the legends are true then. You’re Taichou...


Hai, Taichou Iruka Misuto. Sayonara.

Taichou swings his right arm beheading the distant emperor with
his kusarigama whose long chain retracts it back into his handless wrist.

Outside, tattooed wokou pirates tote katanas, fight off tonfa (Japanese nightstick) weilding feudal Japan policemen as well as their Akita police dogs.

Taichou exits the palace, his clothes, weapons, and body become mist. As mist he drifts back to his docked warship, reverts to his human form, undocks it, sails off with his ordinary wokou.


The shogun holds his sobbing daughter/that woman samurai back. This tiny red sinewy spear wielding goblin known as Isogashii, who’s always frenzied
and has the strength of a man, helps shackled Chujitsuna escape
execution for being caught practicing ninjutsu witchcraft.

With Isogashii on his shoulder, unshackled Chujitsuna uses whirlwinds to fly them to a red-light district in Honshu, where female ninjas disguised as prostitutes murder samurai clients, before they slip on their ninja garb.

Those same ninjas exit the brothel to throw torches onto a
wooden house igniting it; as Chujitsuna’s clone meditates on its
knees inside.

From outdoors, the real Chujitsuna has the clone vanish. Next he
uses his fire hand mudra to put out the fire. The confused ninjas enter the burnt house. He rapidly ages the house’s wood, its roof collapses, crushes the ninja women.

Rain starts to pour. More ninjas arrive. With his back against an oak tree that whispers something in Japanese, he has its branches spiral out to knock the ninjas backwards into the air, block their weapon strikes.

He sends rainwater splashing against them, which whips some unconscious, raises spots of the earth’s crust, which send others flying. A few suffocate then slump when he visibly draws air from around their heads. The remaining ninja get gunned down by ashigaru who tote matchlocks.

The dead ninjas’ umbrellas morph themselves into kasa-bakes
(umbrella monsters) that kill the ashigaru then fight Isogashii, who whups all of their asses. In a sea nearby, Admiral Tatsumaki surfaces out of waves across from one sazae-oni who quietly cries tears which trickle from his ogre eyes then down his shelled face. The sazae-oni wipes the tears from his eyes, threatens to submerge all continents by finding then stealing tide jewels.

(Unsheathes katana with gunbai war fan)

You're no longer my admiral, unlikely that you'll stop us; so why even try?

(Draws war mallet with a sodegarami)

I'll warn you one last time ogre, don't let the mistake of some whalers cause you to hate humans and want them all dead!

Tatsumaki swims after the sazae-oni as it zips further into the
ocean. Chujitsuna undocks an empty ship to follow them. Yoru sprints atop the ocean, boards Chujitsuna’s ship.

A navy of a hundred funna yurei, long-haired skeletons in kimonos whose auras are seeable, suddenly materialize on canoes. With twin water-filled pails attached to the ends of bamboo sticks, the funna yurei vanish, reappear on the ship, flood it by emptying the pails which they stick swing around thwacking Yoru and Chujitsuna who uses water mudra to remove water from the ship.

Chujitsuna and Yoru strike many of the funna yurei back, miss others as they vanish and reappear around. Yoru goes giant white tigress, Chujitsuna wood mudras funna yurei bamboo sticks till they wither out of their skeleton hands then land on the ship deck beside those pails.

Mizu’s bake-kujira appears, helps him and her skirmish with the funa-yurei till they're all bone crushed to death and their auras disappear. Mizu’s bake-kujira tells them that he and the other orcas were murdered by whalers. Yoru sheds a tear, she and Chujitsuna board the whalers’ ship, avenge Mizu .

While he holds a saber in fencing stance, Taichou has boarded the dead whalers’ ship followed by his wokou. They fight Yoru and Chujitsuna, knock both unconscious, chain each up, lock them in their warship’s brig.


Ume and shogun will grant my wokou stockpiles of matchlocks, ammo, and bombs for the sake of us releasing you.

Taichou dives through one subaqueous tunnel, emerges within an underwater cave’s puddle just outside a flooded Japanese castle similar to Mizu's. He enters it to nab those mentioned tide jewels from an adult male oriental dragon known as Ryujin the sea god who can only breathe out fire and jet out seawater from his mouth to either burn or pressure wash foes.

Ryujin's stinging giant guard jellyfishes help him and Tatsumaki fight Taichou, the very last ikuchi, plus that sazae oni who now serves the sea serpent over those tide jewels.



Yoru rouses, breaks out of her chains, unchains woken Chujitsuna, Isogashii slips through brig's prison bars, kills wokou guard, steals key then unlocks brig. Taichou and his pirates who tote matchlocks, wield katanas, and fling round bombs attached to ignited fuse ropes, battle samurai who sail forth on their own warship alongside ashigaru.

Meanwhile Tatsumaki, his navy of ningyos, Chujitsuna who carries himself around with swirling water, plus Yoru who runs atop water, all fight a navy of sazae-onis.

Dragon form Yoru, Ryujin, giant jellyfishes, and more bake-kujiras help each other fight the last ikuchi, koromodakos (fanged poisonous inking gargantuan webbed octopuses), plus isonades (enormous sharks with hook-like tail fins and grater-like laterals, which they use to bloodily shred their foes with).

Tatsumaki and his navy lose badly to the sazae-onis. Chujitsuna quickly ages the wood of Taichou’s warship having it collapse, Taichou becomes mist, Chujitsuna water mudras his mist form till it's dispersed.

All of the other wokou swim landward. One sazae-oni gets a hold of the tide jewels. On a beach, Ume and Chujitsuna use their powers to keep one sky-high water wall from submerging Japan. Ryujin snatches his tide
jewels back, uses them to lower the water wall back into the ocean.

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Old 03-04-2018, 02:40 AM View Post #2 (Link) This post is a reply - don't critique it
Gyasi Myles (Offline)
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Lotta improvement would be nice, too lazy tho lol. Esp. with last 3... Just luv to share imagination with y'all.
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Old 03-31-2018, 02:36 PM View Post #3 (Link)
MiriamD (Offline)
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wonderufl .
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Old 04-11-2018, 09:32 PM View Post #4 (Link) This post is a reply - don't critique it
Gyasi Myles (Offline)
Novice Writer
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Join Date: Feb 2018
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Thanks for reading if u did lol. Too much action not enough dialogue must get tedious.
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