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Old 02-18-2013, 09:34 AM View Post #1 (Link) Matchmaking Deliciousness...
GoodGracious (Offline)
Literary Artist
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I want to get critiques on my completed novel, but I didn't want to post a few chapters and the critiques to die out, so I thought we could get a little partnership going. I'll do yours if you do mine.

I thought this would be useful to a load of us, not just me.

If you're interested:
Post a one or two sentence summary of your story. (And it's genre!)
Perhaps a little about what you're looking for from a partner.
How often you'd be looking to post chapters/give critiques.
And a link to your prologue or chapter one.

I want to point out that you don't have to be my partner, but can use this thread for general matchmaking goodness.

If you see another one that sounds interesting, contact them and critique their first chapter or prologue (and get them to do yours). That way, you'll get a taste of what you're getting into before committing. If you don't think it'll work, either person can just walk away without any feelings hurt.

Also, you can get other people to crit your work too, but this is almost an assurance that someone will critique the whole of your story.

I have no idea whether this will work, but go ahead and get matching!

My Novel: Claws
Julia flees to an island with her younger brother, Jonah, for a fresh start, but when Jonah discovers a group of bears and is transformed into one, her fresh start becomes a fight to get her brother back and come to terms with the person she's become. (It's magic realism.)

I was hoping to find someone who's fairly confident and able with their writing. Will be honest, but encouraging. Able to comment on individual chapters, but also my novel as a whole. No offense to newbies to the site, but I don't want a flight risk, so I'm looking for someone that's been here more than two months. I'm thinking I'll post a chapter once a week/fortnight.

I posted my prologue here a while ago. (Please note, the title has changed since!)
It would be awesome to find someone interested!
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Old 02-19-2013, 03:15 AM View Post #2 (Link)
JasChappell (Offline)
Scholarly Apprentice
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Wow, this is an amazing idea!

Alright, after reading your prologue, I'd love to critique your book as it seeks very good and is very well written :) I pride myself on my novel crits, so you can be sure I'll do my very best. I actually already have a crit buddy, but don't let that discourage you should you feel like critiquing my book :)

Umm . . . I guess this is the part where I advertise myself . . . .

The novel I am working on now is titled Endgame. It follows the turbulent days of the the Etyans and their visitors as they host the Serpent's Sixteen assassins' try-outs. See how each character navigates love, lust, loss, and loyalty as enemies and allies storm Etya, home of everyone's favorite assassin, Kalina.

So, I clearly need to work on my pitch :) But feedback is welcome with wide open arms! I currently don't have my first chapter up as it's own post, but I will very soon. For now, you can find it tucked at the bottom of the last post of its prequel, Aftermath, at this link: aquí! It hasn't received its final edits, but it's about done. Just scroll down until you hit the big words!

I won't post more than once or twice a week, and I'd like a partner who gives thorough, well explained crits, but llike I said, I already have a partner. So, yeah. Anyone interested, let me know! Also, anyone seeking a good novel critic, I'm good for that, too :)

Thanks for the thread, GoodGracious!
critique, compliment, suggestion, and explanation

Want A Critique?
I Gotchu (:
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