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Old 10-25-2017, 12:44 AM View Post #1 (Link) The Only truth (Feedback appreciated)
Aleleekhall (Offline)
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I was skiing in snow that went up to my waist when I ended up at a cliff. It was about 5 feet high with deep snow at the bottom and what looked like a steep landing with no trees or rocks. The day was great for skiing. It was 20 degrees, waist deep snow, and partly cloudy but still snowing. The day was almost over and I did not know when the next time the snow would be good enough to jump off of a cliff. The one problem was my legs were extremely sore. I have had to stop many times throughout this last run because my legs were tired. I looked off of the cliff. I have never gone off of a cliff before but had been thinking of doing so for a long time. The conditions were great and I was skiing well so I decided that I would jump off of it and hope that my legs were strong enough for me to land.
Sticking my poles into the snow, I tried to gain as much speed as possible. I reached the cliff but forgot to jump. My ski hooked onto the top of the cliff as I flipped over. I felt snow go into my face, down my shirt, and into my boots. The snow felt like a wet towel that had just been rained on during a hurricane that lasted a week rubbing against my face, back, and feet. As I was tumbling, first I felt the grasp on my poles come loose and then my skis fly off. There was no pain but no chance for a breathe either. I tumbled and turned down the mountain not being able to stop. The fall felt infinite until at one point I suddenly stopped.
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