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Old 11-03-2015, 09:29 PM View Post #1 (Link) I. Am. Lost.
sofiathewriter (Offline)
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Yesterday, I created a brand-new NaNo novel on the fly. I didn’t have time for planning, and so when I started writing, I didn’t know what I was getting at. Now that’s biting me in the butt.

Here’s my plot:
Ever since her mother left, three things have happened to Anne:
1. Her grades dropped.
2. Her father has become distant—too distant.
3. She became obsessed with romance—and finding romance.

Seriously. In the year since her mother bailed out on her, she’s read a hundred romance novels and has been stocking up on Love’s Truths, a magazine that she read about online.
When she reads something in Love’s Truths about how the best way to find love is to go somewhere new, she does something crazy—along with her best friend Olly, whose only mission for the trip is breaking a Guinness World Record, and his eccentric mother, she goes on a road trip to North Carolina, the place where her parents met.

I’m on page six. They’ve already started day two of their road trip, and I don’t know what they’re going to do the rest of the trip until they get to North Carolina. I was thinking Anne could make a bucket list of stuff she wants to do, but I need real action. A hill on the rollercoaster. And I don’t want them to already be on the second day, if you get what I mean.

So I have three problems: I have no idea how to “carry out” action, I have no direction for this novel, and ANNE NEEDS TO FALL IN LOVE WITH SOMEBODY AND I DON’T KNOW WHO OR HOW!

Regarding my third problem, I originally wanted her to fall in love with Olly, but that’s so cliche. I guess she could find someone on the road, but how would she do that?

I don’t know what do do. I’m so lost. Please help.
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Old 11-03-2015, 10:24 PM View Post #2 (Link)
Keladry (Offline)
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Speaking of action during roadtrips, my dad and I drive an hour to school every morning. We recently were on our way home, only ten minutes into the drive, and the car veers juuuust off the road and hits this pothole. Cue really huge hole in the front tire. This random lady driving by stopped to help, and then called her husband because our jack didn't work, and then the sheriff came 'cause we'd stopped in an unfortunate spot and he was helping us too. Except he didn't have a jack, so we had to wait for the woman's husband. Then a tow truck drove by and asked if we needed a tow, but by then the spare wheel was on, so luckily it didn't cost us any money.

Then, about a week later, we were going the wrong way for like twenty minutes because we'd both entirely forgotten that I wasn't supposed to go to school one morning (I had another event). Then, we finally turned around, and we're driving in front of this truck. A trashbag flew off the truck, caught in our tires, and then there's this weird rattling noise. We pulled over, and the metal on the bottom of the car had come off. I duct-taped it back together, and it lasted the entire rest of the day (which is like two and a half hours of driving, which is pretty impressive for duct-tape.) My dad took it to the repairman and they were like 'welp, nothing seems too broken, duct tape's holding, you're good to go home!' so. Yeah.


In terms of finding someone for her to fall in love with, I'd try introducing her to a variety of characters. Maybe she'll see something in them you didn't expect.

Consider Murphy's law, and ask what could possibly go wrong? A bucket list is a cool idea, or any kind of lists/journaling at all, especially if you keep it small. Maybe you could even do a google maps of events on the way-- fairs she could stop at, national parks, what kind of wildlife is likely to be crossing the street randomly, passing by a college campus during a football game, stuff like that?

And building off plot and things, what happens to Olly and Anne when they inevitably argue? Or what happens when Olly's mother isn't around? Maybe the next step is just a brainstorm.

And in terms of her falling in love with Olly, I can agree that it's pretty cliche, but maybe Anne has to find that out the hard way and thinks she might be falling for him before she finds her real guy?

Really, though, this sounds like a wayyy cool idea and you've already got so many different relationships to explore, and I love the idea of it being about finding love. Personally I'd kinda like to find someone to love like that, so, I can definitely relate. I wish you so much luck!
Definitely let me know if you'd like a critique--- I'd love to.
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Old 11-04-2015, 01:56 PM View Post #3 (Link)
Isis (Offline)
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I like a lot of Keladry's ideas! And I like your idea of Anne making a bucket list. Or maybe just a list of things she wants to do on the trip. That will tell you (and the reader) a lot about who she is as a character and help people get to know her early in the novel. What does she want to do most besides fall in love and read romance novels? Are there any places she's been meaning to go? Any adventures she wants to go on - maybe inspired by the novels she's read, the people she's known, the places she's been? Favorite foods she's just got to eat on the road? What does she love to do when she's not reading?

I really like the idea of looking up what's on the way between Anne and Olly's home and North Carolina. Because that will give you the seeds for new characters and action. They've got to stop to eat, right? Good place to meet people! Got to sleep probably - maybe they hit up a campsite, or a motel with a community pool - more places to meet people!

You might also think about the different motivations that Anne, Olly, and Olly's mom have for making the trip. That will help you learn more about the characters and think about ways that they can enforce each other, or clash later on.
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Old 11-07-2015, 02:28 PM View Post #4 (Link)
ScottyMcGee (Offline)
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Write about how they suddenly spot Bigfoot and she's all like "Wow I want a man like that hubba hubba"
Only thieves kiss with their eyes open.
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