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Old 12-02-2015, 03:19 PM View Post #11 (Link)
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Originally Posted by Isis View Post
Ha, I think this is a funny idea, but I wonder how it would translate into writing - did you try writing the different versions of the characters in different styles? How do we know the parallel universe thing is happening? All I can imagine is Spock's beard from the parallel universe episode in the original Star Trek series. Thought I guess that's pretty apt if the kid versions of the characters are meeting the grown up versions - do the grown up versions all have parallel universe beards and belly shirts?

Ok, goofyness aside. I think there would be a bunch of cool ways to show this in writing and I'm excited to know how you're thinking about it.

How'd you guys do at the end of NaNo? Anybody got some novel-ish stuff or short stories they're continuing?
So the whole parallel universe thing starts as thus:
Job and his crew decide to take up a mercenary mission to rescue this scientist caught in corporate espionage. They deliver the scientist but then find out the hard way that the people who hired them were the villains of the first novel - the IMS. In the ensuine firefight, two of the crewmembers, Mally and Cessly, get captured by the IMS and thrown into a strange prison somewhere. The prisoner across from them looks exactly like Mally except his name is Eferg (the original name I gave for Mally's character as a kid). Eferg seems to imply that he comes from a different universe, as he explains that his Job and his crew wandered through a black hole that was really a portal, and eventually ran into the IMS and Eferg got caught. So then some point later they are rescued from the IMS prison by Job and the rest of the crew, but it's not the same Job and company that Mally knows - it's Eferg's Job and company. Mally and Cessly notice they are visibly different - they're "shinier" like they just stepped out of a cartoon. This is because they come from a different universe with different laws of physics. So their molecules aren't "translating" properly in this universe. Parallel Job and his crew investigated Eferg's whereabouts and in the process learned about the IMS plot to invade all parallel universes. This scientist that Mally and his Job and company had to rescue was the guy the IMS used to create portals to these parallel universes. And blah blah blah - that's basically how it's introduced.

I finished the 50k last Friday. I finished the story at 2 in the morning last night. It's pretty rough and needs a lot of editing since I just wanted to get it done for now. I still want to finalize the first novel, obviously. But at least I finished the draft for the sequel ahead of time.
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