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Old 03-22-2017, 07:54 PM View Post #1 (Link) Nomis Jackson and the bio-gargantuan rock beastie
Mobutt (Offline)
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( Yo. My first story on the site. I hope you guys enjoy it! I'll probably be transforming this into a book sometime-I am a relatively young author-but stay tuned! Make sure to critique and give out your opinions.)

You do not deny the Warrior Prophets.

These guys came before weather casting. They probably came before the Oracle. Maybe before the word 'future' even existed. No one remembers exactly when they came first and when they will come next. But what we do know is that if they do come, get your weapons ready.

Their name isn't a joke either-imagine church priests with muscles and gleaming swords, except they almost never made any conflict. That's the warrior part. The prophet part derives from the fact that the Warrior Prophets supposed only purpose for existence-and what they really only do-was prophesying events.

Bringing us to their other name: Prophets of Doom.

They had been predicting events for centuries. The birth of humanity. World War II. The Empire State Building. Pick your pick, the prophets were very good at their job-but the time the foretold event would happen would range from a from months to next Tuesday to thousands upon thousands of years.

Now let's talk about the Giganto Rock Monster. His real name is too long for me to read ( Ingens monstrum petram? Say that fast five times) so let's call him that. If you want to be fancy like everyone else I know, try Ingen Monster. It works well enough. Anyways, moving on from the overly-complicated name.

The Ingen Monster was a colossal beat, towering even the tallest of skyscrapers-and that was his HEIGHT. Think of an a Rhinoceros except that it's made out of rock and it's eyes are a radiant, light blue. Now make it's jaws extend a huge amount. Now take that weird Rhino and then make it big enough to stomp the White House without even trying, and then you have an idea of what this thing is.

The first time it appeared was completely unexpected. You can imagine a creature this big quietly stomping into the medieval age. We weren't beaten, but were badly bruised. Shaken really hard, but not stirred. Now then there's the obvious problem non-dyslexic people are wondering about-How did they beat this thing?

Depends. Some say it got tired of destroying us and left. Some say we were able to devise a wickedly cunning plan and tricked it into killing itself. I say luck. So, there's no definite answer, but what we all know is that it was defeated by some kind of hero-and her was worshiped, remembered and honored as 'The Slayer with no name!'

Nice naming, ancestors.

After it appeared, we were scared. After a lot of years, it descended, like all things mortals refuse to believe, into myth, until the warrior prophets appeared and declared some creepy stuff, like when the king would die. The worst part-and the one that they general public could figure out-was that the beast would strike again.

The initial reaction was that of disbelief, but seeing as they could teleport, they decided to take their word for it. Besides, 'superstition' was still wild back then, so it wasn't too hard to believe. Anyways, after preparing (AKA more superstitious ideas, some good ones, mostly bad ones) to defend themselves against the beast. Less casualties, more damage.

Now, after another foretold attack-in which we were actually able to defend ourselves against it-our ancestors were smart enough to make sure that the third strike of the Giganto Rock Monster would not go untold, and so wrote down the story of how they had defeated the wicked thing. It's a nice tale, if you have time. I have barely enough to write this.

To tell you the story of how they had cunningly, deceptively and strategically defeated the most ferocious beast known to non-mortals, the words would be so powerful that they would spontaneously explode into existence and appear in an awkward fashion in a sort of sequence with flashing colors, and we don't want that.

I'll tell you later. What you need to know is that another prophecy is coming, and by god,it's just as cheery as the last ones. This time though, it appeared a little bit different...a little as in a LOT different.

In the month of July, the Omega Beasts will rise
The first of the four will be the most despised
But when the final battle nears to the end
The question will remain: Who will end up dead
The prophesied five include a warlock and a Hunter
But only four will remain when it is all over
When all else fails, keep in mind
The true way of defeating the beasts is for the chosen ones to die...
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Old 03-27-2017, 10:47 PM View Post #2 (Link) That was awesome
newbieauthor (Offline)
Literary Newbie
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i love the way you started your short story. most people start with the climax but instead you started by explaining a little bit of the background and the way you did it was great. i feel like i was speaking to you , listening to you tell the story aloud in real life!
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