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Old 09-27-2013, 04:53 PM View Post #11 (Link)
Dabs (Offline)
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Originally Posted by Demon Hunter View Post

Atheist POV: Nothing is right, nothing is wrong, because we cannot define either one. It is relative. In fact, now that we have ventured there, there is no reality, because we cannot define reality - we don't even know where we came from - sure, there's the Big Bang, but we dont know where all the matter came from in order to make the big bang. so no, there is no good or evil BECAUSE NOTHING IS REAL. People invented religion so they can have something to believe in and something to blame for the shit that happens.

Christian POV: There is good and evil, because GOD SAID SO. God created everything. God is good, and he has placed a set of rules upon us that we must obey because we are his, and it is our duty as human beings. This is why there is a Good: God. Ever notice how the farther people get from God, the more this 'Evil' seems to dominate?

This is so grossly oversimplified it's frustrating. Not every atheist ascribes to extreme nihilism. In fact, most of them don't. Christians tend to hold more complex views on the relationship between God and goodness than what you've written. Hence why there's a WHOLE BOOK (it's called the Bible, I think) about the works of God and Christ and the Christian morality. It's why the Christian notion of morality has been written about and analyzed for the past several hundred years.

Originally Posted by Demon Hunter View Post
The Hunter's POV: Why the heck do we wonder about such things? (i have not said what i mean; read on.) Why do we live?? i hate philosophy. I'm not saying what i mean. Read on.
Why the heck dont i just grab a gun and shoot someone? huh? would ya'll do that? why not? why not, if nothing is good or evil? what holds you back?!? conscience, you would say. The Hunter laughs at this. What caused conscience, if i may ask? the Big Bang? oh, ok. (BTW, this last phrase is my infamous sarcasm). So, the random explosion of mass with unknown origin, a total accident, is why we shouldnt kill someone. Hm. Dont you find this humorous??

Think, humans. we've been gifted with logic (and sarcasm, if you're like, me). What is the reason for conscience? there has to be a good, right? elsewise, why the #&$\@ dont we all give up trying to do anything that's right? Why do we even write books with heroes and antagonists if there is no good and evil?
Your argument doesn't make sense. Why do we need to determine the origins of the conscience in order to abide by it? Why is conscience an invalid reason for doing good? I like helping my friends because it makes me feel good. I dislike hurting my friends because it makes me feel bad. Why would I need any more of a reason than that?

No has ever linked the big bang to the formation of the conscience. Ever. You made that up that to create a straw-man so you could have something to talk against.

If you grabbed a gun and shot up a mall you wouldn't, objectively, be doing a bad deed. You'd be transgressing the agreed-upon morals of a majority of the world, the morals that say "killing is bad." It would also show that you probably have a mental disability that prevents you from either valuing human life or feeling compassion and empathy for other people, most likely both.

I'd like to keep picking apart your argument, because almost every sentence you've written is fallacious, but honestly so much of what you say lacks any sort of basis so I don't know where to even begin.
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Old 09-27-2013, 06:46 PM View Post #12 (Link)
Spiders (Offline)
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Originally Posted by Dabs
This is so grossly oversimplified it's frustrating.
I agree with Dabs; oversimplifying something and using it as a foundation for an argument doesn't work.
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