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Old 06-06-2014, 06:51 PM View Post #11 (Link)
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Originally Posted by Spiders View Post
Matter and knowledge are two very different things. Matter, for example, is not subjective. It exists. Knowledge on the other hand, is; a Japanese woman in a western civilization might think she knows her role in society, but a feminist would tell her that such a role is outdated. So the woman knows how Japanese women are supposed to be, but not how she herself is supposed to be in the culture she has come into. Her assumption is not knowledge, but assumed to be knowledge.

In this way, knowledge is very different to matter. Knowledge exists in the head, in the psyche.
Okay, I see what you're saying there.

But what about when you get to the science of transcendence, of humanity reaching singularities? Can you not say that then you are pretty damn close to knowing everything? Despite being a mediocre film, Transcendence glossed over these things. If I find a way to spread my consciousness into every living being, even the Internet, I would be able to understand everything they think simultaneously. Sort of like becoming God. Take this a step further around the solar system, the galaxy, superclusters, the universe. You could be aware of a tree falling in Siberia and the sudden thought Mrs. Jones of New Jersey had in forgetting to get cereal from the grocery store. All at the same time.

The problem I have with your view is I see everything as matter. Perspective is still "part of matter". The fact that I think a certain way and you think a certain way is due to the different ways our neurons connect in our brain and the different information they retained that eventually form our "personality". That's all it is - information that can, theoretically, be processed, much in the same way as one can convert a VHS into DVD or copy and paste a Word document.

This is a very silly example, but I follow the Amazing Spider-man comics. Recently, like a couple years ago, they ended The Amazing Spider-man. Doctor Octopus was dying and actually killed Spider-man by switching their consciousness. So now Doc Ock is in Peter Parker's body, right? He thinks he has it all. But now he actually FEELS like Peter Parker, in the sense that he envisions himself as having experienced what Peter experienced. And instead of continuing to do evil, he realizes that he must become Spider-man now. (Of course, Peter never dies because that would not bring in money, so Marvel brought him back with a renumbered Amazing Spider-man series - another pathetic example of superhero death)

So although that Japanese woman may not know that her role is outdated, if she found a way to spread her consciousness she would be aware - but aware in such a unique way that surpasses our understanding being humans encased in a single brain.

Granted, a more interesting question that arises is - how would you feel if you tapped into the brain of every human? Would you still be and feel the same? Maybe that's what being God feels like. If you know everything, you become a part of everything and cease to see yourself as an individual - because once you see yourself as an individual you become ignorant. I think this. I think that. Etc.
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