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Old 11-21-2014, 11:33 AM View Post #1 (Link) Wisp Of Love
Georgy (Offline)
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Of course it wasn't virtually a wisp of love.
It was a hurricane, tornado, eclipse of mind and apocalypse of my usual order of life.
I have chosen this elegant title to lure the reader, and if you're reading this shit, congratulations, you are the next victim of my cunning tricks. I bet you think "oh, what a poor, faint start this guy has produced. My jaw is at high risk of dislocating by dint of yawning!"
Okay, that was exactly what I was thinking during my first visit to Mr. Dabsy's home.
Being a policeman, Dabsy was often required in giving his recommendation for the security agency's recruits.
Mr. Laughingstock, the chief of the agency, used to rely on Dabsy's opinion. ( I'm gonna name him without frigging "Mr" because Dabsy was just twenty three or four years old. )
Mr. Laughinstock was especially interested to know if a person had had some problem with law or the police, or had ever been suspected in some sort of illegal actions.
Dabsy called me and said " Hi, George, are you still between jobs?"
"Yeah," I mumbled. "Why?"
" Would you come to me tonight at six?"
" Your have another ineffably stubborn suspect who is longing to listen to my excellent novel?"
" Nope, I have to talk to you in my home privately."
" What's the matter?"
" It's about job offer. So?"
"Surely I'll come."
And so I did, who would doubt it.
Dabsy had a house of his own, a two storey edifice made of grey stone.
I parked my truck near a resplendent flower bed with a fountain, strolled some distance and found myself in front of a glass door. Behind the door a huge cat was growling at me with his fierce eyes from which yellow menace emanated.
I was so terrified that even the memory of this monster makes me unable to avoid grammatical errors and imparts to my writing very crampy style.
Luckily, it was peacefull Dabsy's face that appeared the next moment, the owner of which said "Hush, hush, Butcher! That's our guest coming!"
Butcher yawned lazily and left in rather malcontent way.
Dabsy opened the door and was beaming at me when I entered and looked around.
" Glad to see you, George! Come on in. Butcher is prone to nervousness in regard with bums who prowl around the house day and night albeit per se he is quite comely."
"Nice name!" I said still not feeling myself quite in safety.
"Once I had a stupidness to offer him a chunk of raw meet," Dabsy said with a sad, sagacious smile. "Since that time he renounced of all other meals. Accordingly his name transformed from Bush to Butcher."
He led me into his living room and seated me on a sofa, and made himself comfortable in a chair across from me.
" Our city hospital has a vacancy of a security guard," Dabsy immediately took a bull by the horns. " Manager on staff asked me to recommend a young non-smoker and non-drinker responsible man," Dabsy stared at me, as if trying to make sure that I was in line with this characteristic. "The manager is my friend, and he has been terribly unlucky with guards: one, elderly man was constantly dozing on his post, the other smoked like a steamship and was on the point of causing a fire in the hospital, and the third turned out to be thorough but well disguised alcoholic."
Dabsy paused not releasing me from his point blank gaze and obviously waiting a burst of rapture from my side. But my face kept earnest expression and I felt a furrow cut my brow in two parts.
"The salary is nine dollars an hour," added Dabsy carefully.
"Oh, that's why the manager is constantly having problems with the staff. The House wants to have a young non-drinking, non smoking, non sleeping hefty guy for only nine bucks an hour!"
"Look, George, the security guard's duty is to sit on a chair all day long. He doesn't know what sweat is! The department which stores drugs is under control of another guy, an armed security guard with special license. While your post is in the hospital emergency room! Is there anybody going to attack hospital emergency room? Definitely not! Never!"
" With the exception of the movie "John Q," I add with a sarcastic smile.
"It's just a movie. Besides, this movie is provocative. I hate this movie! It teaches that anyone who is faced with injustice, has the right to take hostages!"
One had only to guess how much more time Dabsy was going to torment me and you, my blessed reader, by dint of his arguments in regard to the merits of the movie, but at this moment a blond girl of about twenty dressed in white shorts and a pink T-shirt walked into the living room, and from her thin mocking lips flied off "Hello, George! Wrote another novel already?"
I sheepishly greeted this lovely creature and stared at Dabsy.
" My sister Lisa," he explained. " I told her about you and your uncommonly effective novel," Dabsy began, not at all embarrassed, but Lisa interrupted," Oh, yeah! We laughed to colic at how you tortured the poor guy by reading him your novel!"
I blushed feeling the dubiousness of the compliment and at the same time I was pleased by the fact that in somehow strange way I could make her laugh. My old pal, Fred, told me "If you make chick laugh you're gonna be her cock." Fred was in habit of making all girls around him laugh and I guess he felt himself as if he was a cock presiding in a chicken coop.
I was slightly abashed for one more reason: the girl's eyes were examining me intently and not only with idle interest. It seemed that she was interested in me before we met.
"Have your finished your new novel?" she asked still standing near her brother and watching me ironically.
" I haven't even begun it yet," I mumbled.
" Has the novel about a fly been published?"
" No," I answered dimly perceiving that Lisa was mocking me, but she was doing it in kind hearted, light hearted and tender way.
"Why?" she asked with a flash of astonishment on her face.
I remembered Fred tell me " Be rude with a chick and you'll become her hero."
"Because it sucks!" I said harshly.
" Lisa," Dabsy interfered. " We have something to discuss with George."
"Ha, big men are going to negotiate on big affairs? It's getting too boring," with this comment Lisa made for the door and dissappeared behind it.
" So, George, your answer?" Dabsy stated straightforwardly, but looking more attentively at my discomfiture depicted on my face he squinted and scoffingly exclaimed "Hey, what's up, man? You're hooked by just five minutes of conversation? Just a small talk and you're done? Oh, gosh, don't take her seriously! Lisa receives a bunch of invitations from very attractive guys, but none of them had ever been accepted. She is a cracker. Moreover, she's a knacker! She will smash your heart, forget you and will be passing by you with meowing her favorite song and paying you no more attention than she would pay to the dust on a road. For the sake of my conscience, promise me that your never will try to court her and never let yourself to have a crush on her. Swear it right now!"
Dabsy's eyes glistened like in a fever, he gazed at me point blank and was waiting for me to answer.
" Ok, I promise," I mumbled being slightly afraid of tough expression of Dabsy's countenance.
"Well," Dabsy sighed. " I hope we're done with this point. And what about another?"
"What's another?"
" About the vacancy, George! Wake up, man!" Dabsy exclaimed.
"I think, I would refuse..." I broke off seeing tragic curve of Dabsy's lips.
"Don't say so!" Dabsy's admonition sounded very severely. Besides, from the depths of the couch was heard evil, almost menacing, growl of the cat.
" Sorry, I don't like this job," I repeated more firmly.
" What did I say!" Lisa rushed into the living room with brightly shining face. "You owe me fifty bucks, Joe! "
I was stupefied. "She bets on me , or rather on my rejection of this job offer and she wins?" I thought indignantly.
Dabsy seemed taken aback even more.
I heard Fred saying "Be unpredictable with women and they'll love you."
I wheezed with evil grin "There seems to be misunderstanding. I don't refuse from the vacancy, but I'm inclined to dislike being overheared. "
Dabsy's sour face suddenly lit up and sly smile began frolicking on his blossoming lips, and Lisa cast at me insulted look and snorted.
Butcher having crept from the bottom of the couch appeared in front of me and stroked my ankle by his tremendous tail. Whether it was silent approval of my decision or this was performed just on a whim only Almighty knew, but I found it really touching.
So it happened that a couple of days later I was on my first shift at the hospital emergency ward.
Frankly, I felt quite comfortable watching crippled people passing by, or rather being brought to and fro past my post.
My curiosity was slightly awakened when I saw a guy injured in a manner similar to Phineas Cage's wound, the guy whose head was pierced through by metal bar.
The guy's eyes was bulging, his face would have been deadly pale hadn't it been entirely steeped in blood. The metal bar had gone through his ear across his head and came out of another ear. And gosh, the guy was still alive! It may sound horrible but, my god, it would have been better had he been dead. At any rate, I'd prefer to be dead rather than to have rusty metal bar stuck inside my head.
The most miserable thing about my new job was that I didn't have much opportunity to eat in such quantity as I was accustomed. One break for dinner during the day was unacceptable for me.
I had to have a periodical snack in the latrine. Yeah, don't grin, I went to latrine and was consuming one burger for another while defecating. It might seem disgusting, but if you look at a duck or a chicken more attentively you'll see them acting in the same pattern.
Once when I was coming out of the latrine licking my fingers - because I devoured a chocolate tart ere I left this honourable establishment - I came across Lisa.
I stared at her stunned, my chocolate finger still hovering above my tongue. Lisa was clad in white robe and white cap. She smiled and said " Hi, George! Is there shortage of toilet paper there?"
"Nope," I murmured, my face growing red. "There's plenty..." I felt like I would be glad to be on the place of the guy with a metal rod in his head.
" It's stupendously stupid!" she said and burst out laughing. "I mean what you are doing... by the way, is it tasty?"
"She thought I.... Did she really mean this?" like a lightning came across my mind. I swore softly under my breath and mumbled.
" What are you doing here?"
" The same what you're." She stopped laughing but kept smiling. "I work here or rather, endure the practice which is prescribed by medical academy."
" You are a student of medical academy?" I exclaimed.
"Yep," she said, her smile fading. "It was dad's strong wish."
"Is he dead?"
"Unfortunately, not!" she said with the furious sparks in her eyes
Dad bartered Mom on a young woman a bit older than I am.
"Oh," I felt a tickling sensation beneath my stomach. "Your father seems to know what he is doing. And do you get along with... that woman?"
"Weird question it is. At odds, of course. Look, she stole my dad. Forget it, anyway, it's none of your business."
At that time a din and fuss was heard from the emergency room, and she clapped me on the shoulder saying " There might be urgent need of your interference. You'd better hurry up!"
I ran toward the sound source, and found myself in front of a hospital gurney on which a bloodied man was wriggling and writhing like a caterpillar in the anthill. Four men clad in white robes held him by the arms and legs, and very young nurse with auburn hair tried to persuade the man to calm down. The victim nevertheless wasn't going to stop yelling and cursing in spite of all the girl's plaintive exhortations.
Finally, she cast at me a disgruntled look and shouted, "Where have you been? Why must I do your job?"
"What's the matter?" I asked slightly irritated.
"If you were not visiting toilet every half an hour, you would know what's going on!"
" And what you expect me to do?" I exclaimed looking at the bloody man with disgust.
" Set the order!" the young nurse hissed and bounced from the gurney.
She stood with her arms akimbo, and looked straight at me with an insolent grin.
" What are you waiting for?" she said.
Inasmuch the man on the gurney was still in furious fit of riot and the energy of those holding his arms and legs was obviously fading I took my truncheon and hit several times the rebel on the head and he subsided.
The girl stared at me stunned. Those holding the man's arms and legs were taken aback as well.
"What are you doing?" the girl screamed.
"My job," I shrugged and made for my guard-post.
"Nazi muzzle!" she hissed.
The auburn girl stopped the hospital admin, who at the moment appeared in front of her.
She told him about my tough method in dealing with patients, embellishing her story with such epithets like "sadist, maniac, pervert" and so forth.
Having heard her account with impervious countenance admin came up to me and shook my hand with words " At last I have a real guard!"
The girl was pale from indignation but she had nothing to refute admin's opinion.
The next moment I heard Lisa's voice from behind my back "Hey, George, that was awesome! You turned out to be a tough guy! I like rough guys!" She neared her pretty face to mine and whispered "I'll be waiting for you at eleven in the room for dirty clothes in the laundry. You know where it is?"
I nodded in deep confusion squeezing out " Why?"
"Like I said," she smiled insolently. "I'm crazy on iron guys."
She pursued her very soft but sprightly step, leaving me in a state of lofty amorous trepidation and dark gloomy sexual agitation.
For about half an hour my thoughts were not able to balance themselves.
"Is she kidding?" I thought fidgeting on my seat. " New game or what? If it is a game why I shouldn't take part in it? This room is isolated, usually dark, and there's no surveillance camera inside."
It was clear that Lisa was up to something that was not to be witnessed by all and sundry. With poignant tremour in my limbs I seemed to divine what was going to happen.
Only one thing I couldn't understand: why did she get hot on me so quickly? Were I Fred or, say, looked like Fred, there would be no questions. Fred was tall, well built, handsome, while I reminded more of a scarecrow with a huge tummy. It was incredibly that such a beauty could have lost her mind at the sight of me.
But at the same time I was eager to enter that damned room and to make sure what the hell was going on in Lisa' head.
While I was thus screwing arguments adjusting my brain to the top level of decisiveness, a middle aged nurse pushed a gurney towards me and vociferated " Would you please help me to deliver this to the third floor?"
She pressed the button on the panel of the elevator shaft and when the door opened she pushed the gurney into the cabin of the lift.
I entered beside the gurney and looked at the nurse. She still staying outside, cast a sidelong glance at the old man and grumbled " I'm not even sure whether I should trust you a patient. " She sighed and said "Third floor. Reanimation ward. Got it?"
Before I could answer she floated away along the corridor and vanished behind the corner.
I tore off a watch from the old man's hand and stared at display. It was one minute past eleven.
"Damn!" I exclaimed in despair. "Lisa is waiting for me while I have to deal with this withered mummy!"
The old man opened his eyes and said "No need to shout, buddy!" By no means paying attention to my astonishment, he shifted into seated posture briskly and swang to and fro his huge venous feet with long, curve, dirty nails. "If you, asshole," he pursued, "is in a great hurry, get out of the cabin and don't annoy me with your jeremiad! "
" With my what?" I looked at the wise suspiciously.
"Are you going to pester me here?" the wise said twice as loud. " You stole my watch!"
" This is a misconstruction. I just..."
"I want it back!" he interrupted sharply.
I handed him the watch.
"Get lost!" the man said and pressed the button on the wall of the elevator.
In a twinkle of an eye I rushed out and darted to the place of rendezvous.
When I came up to the laundry the door was ajar as if inviting me inside.
I entered, and the first thing I saw amidst the overwhelming darkness was a white blur.
"Come up to me," the spot said by Lisa's voice.
I lumbered forward my heart throbbing violently.
I approached her groping in black space like extinguished dying comet strives up towards the eternal blossoming star.
"Touch me," she whispered. " I can't descry you in your black uniform through this gloom. Take my hand."
This kind of myopia from her side was so exciting and promising that I couldn't suppress any longer the furious desire to grab her looming body.
I felt her doffing her robe under which - as far as my sweaty trembling fingers could acknowledge - there were neither bra no panties on her. Who would have thought that she walked through the hospital all day long without these things?
"Take me," her hot breathing rendered me woozy, wild and desperate.
She left me no choice and I stripped off my shoes and trousers.
I felt myself totally captured and paralyzed under the spell she cast over me. Under the press of some irresistible power I turned into a slave of corporeal striving on the verge of madness.
I grabbed her shoulders and kissed her breast, feeling a fire of desire in my own. At that very moment I heard a din of voices outside the door.
"Where's the guard I wonder!" the auburn nurse's voice was screaming.
" I think you'd better go to your post immediately!" Lisa said pushing me back.
I pulled on my clothes and slipped out of the tryst.
On seeing me, the goddamn nurse said with sheer contempt in her look and voice "Do you think you were hired to dawdle here?"
I felt so frustrated by the fact that I had failed to consume Lisa' unpredictable passion, that I murmured sullenly "Mea Culpa."
" He knows Latin," she spewed at me with angry glance. " and he thinks he may fool around here!"
"Would you explain where have you been?" the admin asked me from behind.
I turned around and answered as firmly as I could, "I checked out the laundry stall. There seemed to be some strange smell ... I felt like it was my duty to make a reconnaissance."
"As it turned out it was patients' dirty clothes that stink."
"I feel nothing," the admin sniffed the air. "With the exception French perfume exactly from you!"
"It's not perfume," I exclaimed in embarassment. " It's air freshener. I sprayed a little to kill a stench!"
He lowered his eye and fixed it on my pants.
Only then I made out that my prick was in erect position and seemed to be in a state of furious indignation having been deprived so abruptly Lisa's sweets.
The auburn nurse's eye followed admin's glance. She startled, flushed, covered her face with her hands and dashed away.
The admin smiled and whispered at my ear "If you are fond of playing with your dick, please do it in a proper manner."
"For instance?" I stupefied.
" Use latrine, buddy," he smiled sarcastically. "Go right now and persuade your friend to subside. You have five minutes."
"How do you know it'll take five minutes?" I looked at him suspiciously.
He became red as if he were a rural wench on the first date with urban guy.
"Okay, ten minutes, then," he murmured.
I made for the latrine and was jerking with one hand while devoured burger using the other hand.
I was thinking about which of this acts was gonna come to finish first when the old man I had seen in the lift rushed into latrine. He attacked an urinal and started to piss in it accompanying this by thunder of waterfall.
Having finished he looked at me and said shaking his head. "Shame on you to jerk and eat simultaneously. When I was young..."
Wild shriek was heard from outside " Help! Murder! Help! Where's the guard?"
I stopped my entertainment and rushed out of the latrine. I saw a crowd of people fussing in the hall. The auburn nurse on seeing me, cried out "Here he is!"
All stared at me as if I were a ghost.
Admin with his face pale like a snow approached me and said "Mr. Rathunter, something awful happened. Murder in the laundry."
"What?" I exclaimed and recoiled. "You kidding or what?"
" Do you think it's a matter for jokes?" admin answered sternly. " Our young nurse was strangled in the laundry." Admin looked at something over my shoulder. I turned and saw a couple of police officers with impenetrable expressions on their faces.
Admin nodded at me and addressed the officers " This man was the last who visited the murder place, that is the laundry, and plausibly he was the last who dealt with the victim."
One of the cops handcuffed me deftly while the other pronounced grudgingly "You have the right... and so forth."
" What's going on here?" I shouted terrified. "Do you think I'm the killer? I don't even know who was murdered!"
" You, scoundrel, didn't even bother to know her name?" the auburn nurse screamed at my face. " But I saw you talking secretly to Lisa and it was you who invited her into the laundry!"
"Lisa?" I froze stunned. "Do you mean Lisa is dead?"
"Go," the cop pushed me on the shoulder.
"Wait!" I cried. "It is sheer mistification, I'm not guilty! I didn't kill Lisa. I love her."
" That's why you did it, evil animal!" the auburn nurse spat at my face.

The End of the Part 1
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